home plate machines


$35 for 30 Minutes

$60 for 60 Minutes

Complete Control

The HomePlate machine can throw pitches in sequential or random order, or you can practice repeatedly against any individual pitch. You can also control pitch timing manually using the SINGLE PITCH feature, which is useful when a coach wants more time between pitches for instruction.


Pitch Discrimination

With a regular pitching machine hitters swing at every pitch, and therefore don’t practice the highest level hitting skill of Pitch Discrimination. The HomePlate allows you to program a mixture of balls and strikes, as well as different types of pitches. Hitters then need to make the “swing/don’t swing” decision on every pitch just like in a real game.


Game Simulation

Put that scouting report on your next opposing pitcher to real use by programming his/her pitches into the HomePlate machine. Then select RANDOM pitch order to simulate that pitcher for a game-like practice.